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About Me


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This page is centered on me, just like the universe. I'm kidding, my ego's not that big. All my personal information is here, well not all of it.....just in case my girlfriends dad stumbles onto it. You understand right?

So, let's start at the beginning. My name is Joe and I'm a 16 year old guy living in good ol' sunny Visalia, California. I attend Goldenwest Highschool and have a girlfriend named Bonnie attending Mt. Whitney. I drive an 88' Buick Regal which I just bought and will soon be the pimp mobile. That back seat is huge! Other then that there isn't too much to say unless I want to name my many numerous friends but I'll put that on the friends page.

Favorite Quotes

"Computers can do that?"
-Homer Simpson

"Dodge this."
-Neo from the Matrix


The stuff I love:

Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons
Favorite Movie: The Matrix
Favorite Music: Heavy Metal, alternative, and Rap
Favorite Book: Fahrenheit 451
Favorite Sports Team: Atlanta Falcons
Favorite Food: My girlfriends moms cooking
Favorite Woman: Bonnie