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Welcome to Joes-Pad!

My name's Joe and this is my web-site. The best spot on the web!

I'm mostly going to use this site to post-up pictures of my friends....and family. Mostly friends however. I have some sections on my favorite things, those being video games, getting fit, and my car. I'll also put things in about my school Golden West and anything new happening. Oh, if you have'nt noticed the color scheme of my site is the Goldenwest colors. Goldenwest is the best! Redwood and Whitney can suck it!

I will try to update this page fairly often with new photos and such but I am a busy guy so give me a break. Make sure to sign the guest book and let me know what you think.

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This would be my girlfriend Bonnie. The most important person in the world to me. Isn't she a hottie?

NO! What Are You Doing?

You wont get that unless you've seen the Budweiser commercial with it. Anyways this is where I will put all my updates so pay attention.

Hey guys, If you've noticed the affiliate stuff on my page I know it can get crowded so I have decided to put my policy into effect. I am not going to have crappy affiliates anymore. From now on I will check out their web-sites first and if it's cool then I will put their banners up. If not they will be deleted. So, from this point forward any affiliate stuff on my page might actually be worth checking out. Only if your interested though.

04/02/01: I'll be adding photos soon for my buick, my friends, and my workout page. So stay alert. If you have any ideas send them my way.

04/14/01: Sorry about the lack of updates guys. I still need to develop my pictures and some other things, I'm pretty busy. Sadies was last week so I will be putting pictures up soon. Be sure to check back.